Old School Threadless


  1. šta nije boja "FUCHSIA"?
    ono, ko cvijet?

  2. je cvijet, al vako kako san ja napisa, barem mislim:)

  3. Hi,
    sorry if I write here but I wasn't able to find a mail or something. I know you because of Threadless; I like your designs and I think it's weird you've never be printed (expecially seeing some of the tees they print that are absolutely not funny or bad drawn).
    Btw I've a page on Facebook (UDraw) related to a little t-shirt shop. It's a place where I've started making contests, a sort of little Threadless, but I'm not here to ask you to join them. To me you're great and I'd like to have the permission of using one of your designs -the one called Africa- in my shop (all the rights etc would remain to you obviously). Unluckily I'm not a big company. At present I can't make big prizes and I can't pay 2000$ for the tees =.= even because my shop is new and at the moment I only spent money for it (I'm waiting to gain my first dollar like a child wait for Xmas).
    I know your works deserve more, but I can offer you only the same worth I offer for our contests (30$). Even if probably you won't accept I want you to know that I'll continue loving your designs and rating them hoping you'll have the right fame you deserve.

    Thank you very much for reading, and keep trying

    If you're interested here is UDraw:
    and my mail max.rambaldi@hotmail.it

  4. Pravo kaze Valeria, treba te objevit pa makar i za sicu :) !

  5. hahaha, nema za siću ništa, brate, al besplatno uvik može. To je neka moja filozofija.
    Rađe pokloniti (tako sam i napravio:) nego uzeti stošezdeset kuna koliko god ponuđivač dobronamjeran i drag bio.
    Znaš, kad jednom uzmeš toliko onda ti stodolara pari neka cifra.